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The New Standard

The Bubble Technology

The Bubble Technology was born when Absolent Air Care Group was asked to solve a problem and create a clean workspace for a Swedish company that manufactures and repairs advanced radar equipment.

Creating clean workspaces is often very expensive, with limited ability to use the solution elsewhere. Through many hours of testing and verifying, we are very pleased to introduce DAIR ‘The New Era in Clean Workspaces’.

The customer was having difficulty creating a suitable working environment in their assembly and repair ‘workshops’. The working area needed to be totally clean, without any particles, but remain flexible with good ergonomics. This was not possible to achieve with existing solutions on the market without making costly alterations.

With the knowledge we obtained from the customer and the supplier of the height-adjustable tables used in the workshops, we designed an air cleaner that is smaller, lighter, and more flexible than any other product currently available which can be mounted on any standard (height-adjustable) working table.
A new Era in clean workspaces – DAIR


The Bubble

Working inside the ‘Bubble’ is our solution to this challenge. DAIR creates an invisible ‘Bubble’ around the workspace ensuring that the air is free from contamination. The trick is to create a laminar airflow that constantly blows clean air over the workspace, creating a ‘Bubble’. The speed of the laminar airflow means you do not feel the air. This makes it pleasant to operate within the ‘Bubble’ and protects the area from exposure to airborne particles.

The DAIR unit

The DAIR unit fits any height-adjustable table creating a very comfortable, ergonomic workspace. It is easy to move and use in different production environments and can be scaled up by adding more units to the workspace. DAIR units are very easy to install - you can be up and running in under 10 minutes. We aim to ensure your production runs smoothly and is highly efficient.    

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