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Our Mission

We believe that no-one should become ill as a direct result of the air quality in their workplace and everyone should have access to clean air. Products and services offered by our global brands ensure air is pollution free and safe to breathe.

Our Story

Absolent Air Care Group is a global air cleaning group that provides customized solutions for production processes. Our know-how and solutions enhance quality of life and enable better business performance.


We find it outrageous that millions of people worldwide work in environments where the air is heavily contaminated. They deserve better and so do their employers – our customers.


We are on a mission to help businesses everywhere clean the air with our knowledge and solutions to effect sustainable improvements.

It’s not just about meeting rules and regulations. We know that clean air is key to healthy growth for both people and businesses.

Absolent Air Care Group’s headquarter is in Gothenburg, Sweden and its shares are traded on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm under the name ABSO.

Find out more about Absolent Air Care Group:


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DAIR creates optimal clean workspaces in numerous environments and creates better ergonomics for your employees along with increased efficiency.


We believe that technology is the main driving force in the world and our focus is to take Innovative Leadership in clean workspaces.


Join us on our journey!

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