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Dive Into the New Age of Clean Workspaces

This is what we do

AIR ...

Contamination from the air causes many challenges in various fields of operation. It is often very expensive to secure a workspace with air which is clean and safe to breathe. We took on this challenge and solved it. Work inside the ‘Bubble’ using DAIR. Welcome to the new era of clean workspaces.


We can future proof your operations by introducing a mobile solution where your needs come first. The DAIR unit is easy to move around and re-locate to wherever you most need it.


Our solution is very flexible in many ways. It is ergonomically friendly and easy to scale. DAIR helps ensure your production runs smoothly, your valuable employees benefit from a safe and comfortable working environment, and your orders can be delivered on time.


We are not just delivering a solution - we make sure your operations run smoothly when using DAIR. We call it operations support. We take care of the unit and its functionality so you can focus on your business.


Smart design

True color dimmable LED light;

no shadows or dazzling light

We believe in smart design that improves and makes our client's work environment better and more efficient - DAIR is a result of this!

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